Church & Brunch


7/03/2015Julie & Sarah

Fr. Tim is at Old St. Mary’s this weekend, 4:30 PM – Saturday,

7:15 AM – Sunday and 9:00 AM – Sunday.

Happy 4th of July!


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Julie’s Brunch Picks:

Here’s a new one: Honey Pie Cafe–The Corn Muffins (with a ton of butter and jam) are a must. And…partial as I am to Bloody Mary’s (theirs are excellent–they come with a pony bottle of beer chaser), the Beermosa is worth a try.

Buckley’s Restaurant and Bar–because I have a soft spot for family businesses, and the Bloody Mary’s are to die for.

Blue’s Egg–it’s more breakfast than brunch, but the food is amazeballs.

Comet Cafe–again, more breakfast than brunch, but they put BACON in their Bloody Mary’s. ‘Nuf said.

Lake Park Bistro–it’ll set you back some coin, but the service, atmosphere, and food are all worth it. Don’t wait for a special occasion. Treat yourself.

Plaza Cafe–George loved this place. You won’t find a Bloody Mary, but you will find a delicious slice of local color.

Ambassador Hotel–the brunch is “small plates,” but I’m going to let that slide. Small plates have BIG flavor.