Sep 052011

What I did on my summer vacation: 

  1. Went to Omaha, AKA—The Big “O.” Appeared on The Morning Blend, and did a reading at Anthony’s Steakhouse. Learned that people really like book readings when there are drinks involved. Thanks to Nikki, Shannon and the Lunch Bunch. What a blast.
  2. Got a puppy (see inset). Named her Stella—as in Artois. Walk her what seems like twenty times a day. As smart as she is, she still barks at Weber grills, garbage bags, and dirt piles. I’m teaching her to heel, but not very well. I like the way her paws sound in the grass. Considering writing a book about her so I can claim her as a business expense.
  3. Did reading at Milwaukee Country Club. Thanks to Patty and Mike. Learned that no matter how fancy the setting, folks still laugh out loud when you talk about boogers and chafing. Who knew?
  4. Had a “book” booth at Ben Fest in Chicago. Relearned that I don’t do arts and crafts for kids very well. Sorry about the permanent marker folks.
  5. Flew to Boston, and did a reading at Anthem Kitchen and Bar. Thanks to Betsy, Peggy and all that attended.  Walked on the freedom trail, and learned that an oyster shooter absolutely must be chased by a beer. Ach!
  6. Went to Wausau, and did a reading at The Wright Place on 6th—cozy, adorable, and great food. If you ever find yourself in Wausau (at Rib Mountain maybe), do check it out. Patty Kay, you’re the best.
  7. Did a reading at Books & Company in Oconomowoc—a wonderful little Indie outside of Milwaukee. Great group. Lynn even made Miss Willie’s Banana Cream and Custard pies.
  8. Book clubs, book clubs, book clubs. Thanks to everyone for inviting me. Keep ‘em coming!
  9. Drove down to Kenosha for a reading at House of Gerhard.  Thank you Kathy, Gary, Angie and Dick for providing a wonderful cap to a summer chock full of book events. Excellent food and lovely group. Tons of fun.

Just read that there is a frost advisory for Northern Wisconsin tonight. I guess summer really is over. Time to pull out my jeans and see if they still fit…

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