Reviews by people I hardly know at all…

“What makes Julia Pandl’s memoir shine is not only its charm and humor but also its insider’s look at how high standards and love equals extraordinary food. In Memoir of The Sunday Brunch, she cooks up a delicious story that deserves a wide audience. We thank her for her memories.”

–Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of The Ocean

“Pandl’s debut memoir is charming, companionable, cozy and smart–just like the ideal Sunday brunch!”

–Martin Kihn, author of Bad Dog: A Love Story and House of Lies


Reviews by relatives (they’re harder to get than you think)…

“Like George Pandl himself, Memoirs of the Sunday Brunch is the right blend of life’s favorite ingredients, laughter, tears, and superb storytelling, and occasionally a little bad gas.”

–Bill Griffith–My brother-in-law

“Laughter comes early and often as Julie recalls, with excruciatingly hilarious detail, the behind-the-scenes antics of the characters who made the name Pandl synonymous with Sunday brunch in Milwaukee for decades.”

–Michael Pandl–My favorite nephew

George’s wonderful life will continue to teach and inspire us each time we decide to cut the mold off the cheese instead of tossing it or to keep the faith in our own way.  Julie’s way of finding the humor and the lesson in everyday life made this book not just an enjoyable trip down memory lane but a tale that any grandchild, mother, child, niece or nephew in the world would love.  Can’t wait to read the next one!

 –Alison Griffith–My favorite niece


Links to wonderful articles about the book. (I swear I didn’t pay for them).

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