Breakfast of Champions


Official Memoir of the Sunday Brunch publication day is finally here! Thought I’d start with the breakfast of champions.

I know piles of oat bran, granola, whatever…those good for the body, but Peanut M&M’s…these are good for the soul. When I see this bowl, sitting on the kitchen counter, I feel like I’m meeting an old friend for breakfast, except these happen to be within reach, and I happen to be in my pajamas. No sweater, no hat, no gloves, no scarf—it’s winter here now, as of last night. No, today starts with handful of pure, delicious, joy. What can I say? I’m an addict. I did give the peanut M&M’s up for Lent on year, but it didn’t take. It seems that, in my family at least, the M&M has supplanted the jellybean in the Easter basket world. I think I might need a twelve-step program.

Not today, though. Today is special. Today I continue to chase the dream. Today is good for the soul.








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